Before starting any masonry work, be aware that two different types of permits may be required before undertaking and carrying out renovation work. The first is the transformation permit, also called a renovation permit.

The second is the permit to occupy the public domain. These two permits are at the expense of the person undertaking the work and it must be taken into account that Maçonnerie Gratton does not derive any benefit from these permits.

types of permits

Renovation permit

Generally, a renovation permit is required during maintenance, renovation or alteration work carried out on a building. It is the responsibility of the building owner to obtain the information or permit required for the work.

To obtain the permit, the owner must go to the permit counter in his borough. For more information and to find out the documents required by the city for a permit application, visit the city of Montreal's website: Exterior siding, then select your district.

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types of permits

Occupancy permit or

obstructing the public domain

The execution of masonry work frequently requires the use or deposition of various equipment and / or materials that inevitably occupy or obstruct the public domain. In this case, a permit must be obtained for the entire duration of occupation of the public domain. The cost of this permit varies depending on various factors such as location, rounding, occupied space, etc.

For the reasons listed above, it is impossible for us to determine the exact cost of said permit before the start of work. However, price lists are available on the city of Montreal's website for reference by selecting your borough on the following site: Obtain a permit.

Maçonnerie Gratton may, however, apply for a permit on your behalf, in certain boroughs only, in order to expedite the process for obtaining it. You will be asked to sign a power of attorney. More details will be provided to you upon signing the contract.

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