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Maçonnerie Gratton?

  • Because you want to have a direct impact on the bottom line of the company you work for;
  • Because you want to be part of a company based on honesty and transparency;
  • Because you want to take on different challenges every day by working on various projects;
  • Because you want to work with a smile every day;
  • Because you want to have opportunities for advancement in your career.
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Different professions

Team Leader

The team leader is mainly responsible for leading a team of workers, intending to guarantee the achievement of project objectives, and making the necessary decisions for these projects. He performs, if necessary, the same tasks as the workers under his responsibility.

Journeyman and apprentice 3rd-year

Journeymen and 3rd-year apprentices work to coordinate site work under the direction of the team leader. Their main tasks are to demolish the elements to be redone and to lay new brick or stone. If the materials are still good, their main task is to dismantle the brick or stone and reassemble it properly. They are also responsible for supervised and supervised 1st and 2nd-year apprentices.

1st and 2nd-year apprentice

1st and 2nd-year apprentices are always accompanied by a journeyman or 3rd-year apprentice. Their role is to help maximize their efficiency by drawing joints, supplying the materials to the bricklayers, placing the brick between the two main bricklayers, bringing the brick together to improve the laying speed, placing the brick cuts in the right places, helping the maneuvers, etc.


The masonry laborer helps the team get the job done. The main tasks of the laborer are to bring all the materials necessary for the masons (mortar, bricks, etc.) and to make sure to clean the site at the end of the work. The maneuver is necessary for the team, the bricklayers are more efficient, thanks to it.

Warehouse clerk

The warehouse clerk manages the materials at the warehouse. Its role is to keep the latter organized to facilitate the work of its different teams. The warehouse is also a meeting point for workers, so it needs to be organized and well maintained.

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Maçonnerie Gratton is always looking for dynamic and hard-working people to complement its teams on the construction sites. If you are interested, send your CV to annie@maconneriegratton.com or go to 3729 Wellington street in Verdun.

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