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A word from the President

Very young, I remember being a curious and manual boy. It was by being a mechanic in my little hometown of Ste-Luce that I was able to discover a talent for solving problems and finding a solution.

At 14, I already knew what good work and good customer service meant. From year to year, I became interested in mechanics and aircraft maintenance and I left my village for another challenge; that of studying aeronautics.

Unfortunately, following the event of September 11, 2001, my life plan changed drastically due to the low placement rate in the aeronautical market. It was then that my friend David Dufour offered me a job "which I thought was temporary" in his masonry team. I had to adapt to this new reality which was not obvious at the start. After a few weeks, I saw the possibility of applying my philosophy that had inhabited me since my young age in this environment. Here I am today embarked on an adventure filled with challenges for twenty years now!

Since starting my business in 2007, I have been striving every day to transmit my philosophy. This has been passed on to my entire team over time and is our real priority, which is to help our customers in the residential masonry restoration sector.

To ensure the quality of our work and the proper functioning of my business, I surround myself with competent and dedicated people. This brings me to my partner and childhood friend, David Dufour, who without him the business would not be what it is today.

David has extraordinary reasoning and intelligence that will take your breath away. Dedicated and ingenious, it allows our business to evolve. Today, I am proud of our contagious complicity and proud of our team both at the office level and our teams in the field. Customers will always be our priority and we are all working in the same direction to satisfy them as much as possible.

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