Maçonnerie Gratton team

the Administration

Tommy Bouillon

Dynamic, ambitious and curious, Tommy is one of the pillars of the company, but also of masonry in Quebec. Involved in different associations, Tommy constantly tries to advance the field and give better conditions to workers. Always full of energy, he brings good humor to the office.

Ana Verdes
Administrative and Financial Director

Meticulous, rigorous and energetic, Ana is our administrative and financial director. An iron fist in a velvet glove, she manages accounts payable and invoices. With her team spirit and good humor, Ana constitutes a real pillar of the company.

Annie Melançon
Logistics and HR manager

Human, authentic and attentive, Annie is our site coordinator. True heart of the company, it coordinates the activities between our head office, our workers and our customers. With her infectious laugh and her devotion, Annie is absolutely essential to the smooth running of our operations.

Alexandra Caznaceena
Accountant technician

Discreet, hardworking and thoughtful, Alexandra is our accounting technician. Indispensable alongside our financial director, she is proactive and organized, and her work is always done to perfection.

Sofie Mongeau
Administrative assistant

Enthusiastic, perfectionist and attentive, Sofie is the new pawn of the team. Intermediary between our project managers, our customers and our site coordinator, her role is essential to communication within the company. Giving the best customer service is its main goal. His experience and his dynamics is a great asset for the company.

Laurence Chalifoux
Marketing coordinator

Organized, dedicated and kind, Laurence takes her first steps in her career. Whether it's image management, social media management, website management, Laurence is always ready to take on new challenges and push the business even further.

Maçonnerie Gratton team

The production

David Dufour
Associate Vice President

Ingenious, resourceful and rigorous, David is a pillar of the business. Multiplying it in half would be ideal. His background in the field of construction, more specifically masonry is extraordinary. David is a demanding boss, but very attentive and present for his employees. This balance makes it essential to the company.

Ian Pelletier
Project manager, West sector

Former mason, and now collaborator in the estimation, Ian knows the reality on the ground. His humorous side makes appointments between his customers and him pleasant, but always very professional. Its priority is to give the right time to its customers while offering different plausible solutions adapted to their budget. Providing the best customer service, while making customers satisfied with their work is really important to him.

Olivier Brault
Project manager, eastern sector

Olivier is an appraisal collaborator with the interests of his clients at heart. His field of expertise is very wide thanks to his years as a mason and representative in the sale of bricks. Its cutting-edge expertise puts its customers at ease. Finding the most efficient and affordable solution, while making customers satisfied from the first meeting to the final project, is his real priority.

Daniel Dubé-Denis
Team Leader

Daniel has worked for the company for ten years. He considers himself a calm, attentive and helpful employee. Since becoming a team leader, Daniel is happy to count on a reliable team that respects the values ​​of the company. Concerned about the environment, he is fully supportive of the brick recycling project that Maçonnerie Gratton wishes to initiate in the coming years.

Patrice Deslauriers
Team Leader

Patrice has worked for the company for ten years. Providing the best customer service is at the heart of its priorities. To achieve this, he establishes good communication with his clients and ensures that the work carried out is to their complete satisfaction. He is happy to participate in the development of a flourishing business.

Marc-André Morin
Team Leader

Team leader for three years at Maçonnerie Gratton, Marc-André loves the physical side of his work as a mason. Its strong point is to distribute the strengths and weaknesses of each member of his team in order to see the best of his masons. Marc-André likes when these customers are satisfied, so he does everything possible to ensure that each of his projects is well executed.

Michaël Guimond
Team Leader

Michaël has worked for Maçonnerie Gratton since its creation. He performs each of his projects with as much heart as if it were his own house. Its quality performance is exceptional within the company. He is very careful with details and his clients appreciate him very much. The company's reputation is important to him.

Kevin Levert
Team Leader

For eight years now, Kevin has been a dedicated employee for the company and always present for his colleagues. New team leader, his daily challenge is to ensure that his team understands the project to be executed and to deliver it perfectly with them.

Jonathan Gilfillan
Team Leader

Jonathan, alias Gus, has been loyal to Maçonnerie Gratton since its inception. He loves the atmosphere that circulates in the company. Taking on new challenges fascinates and stimulates him every day. He is happy to be part of the evolution of the company and to constantly bring the best to grow the business.

Daniel Legault
Team Leader

New to the Gratton family, Daniel is a bricklayer with great maturity. His desire to be part of a team with the same values ​​that led him to join us. He is happy to put his talent at the service of our customers.

Jonathan Desjardins
Team Leader

Jonathan is the youngest of our team leaders. Despite his young age he already has ten years of experience in the field. Having studied with the pillars of the company, he developed excellent working techniques. His passion and leadership make him an effective and dynamic team leader.

Sylvain Deslauriers
Supply manager

Sylvain is a pro of the organization, since his arrival at Maçonnerie Gratton, he has implemented systems in our warehouse in order to have better control over our operations. He manages the acquisition of the materials necessary for all our projects and coordinates the circulation of these between the different teams. His dedication to the company is great to see.

Martin Hébert
Warehouse manager

Martin acts as warehouse manager, everything that enters and leaves the warehouse must pass through him. He works jointly with the supply manager to properly coordinate the activities of our teams with the various materials. Martin also has the skills to maintain vehicles and engine equipment. Our teams of workers need Martin, whether for warehouse maintenance, organizing materials or maintaining vehicles.