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Our implication

Perspective jeunesseses

Perspective Jeunesse is a non-profit organization whose mission is to support young people experiencing difficulties, whether personal, family, school or social, to promote the prevention of school and social dropout, school reintegration and integration socio-professional.

Maçonnerie Gratton has joined this organization to allow young people to experience trade in masonry in the form of an internship. We have welcomed two young people, Moise and Tapio from the start. We are happy to contribute to the success of young people in difficulty in our society and to do so thanks to Perspective Jeunesse.

À Go, On lit!

À Go, On lit!
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Tommy Bouillon, president of Maçonnerie Gratton, is an ambassador for the À Go, On lit! in the Montreal area. Involved with young people and their success, Tommy promotes reading to young people aged 14 to 20. He tells these young people that his career was due to him, in part, through reading.

By himself, he educated himself on an aspect of his profession which was not learned on the school benches; masonry from the 1920s to 1970s. A book that brought him much is "Everything is played before 8:00" by Hal Elrod because Tommy is a man who shows up at the office very early in the morning. He is very productive before 8:00 am, and he remembers that from his mother.

Environmental implication

Maçonnerie Gratton participates in the Sustainable Development Course organized by the city of Montreal to obtain level 1 of the Eco-Responsible Certification: Commitment.

We want to become a green company by going to get the necessary training and meet the people who can support and help us in this green shift.

Athletic involvement - Giant Montréal

Maçonnerie Gratton sponsors a 15-year-old mountain biker. Maïka started cycling at the age of 12 and plans to do it for several years. This sport makes him exceed his limits and gives him adrenaline.

A Strong feeling of belonging to the cycling community, Maïka won 5 podiums in the summer of 2019.