Maçonnerie Gratton, winner of the 2016 Consumer Choice Award, is driven by the same quest for quality that motivated builders in the old days. Architectural greatness is measured as much in the overall effect as in the minute details of a facade or a cornice. To restore a heritage building is to pay tribute to the memory of the men and women who built it. Let your property regain its original splendour.


We perform installation, maintenance, repair and restoration of brick and stone walls.

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We are proud of our projects, and we want to share some examples of our expertise in residential and commercial masonry with you.

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According to real estate market experts, a well maintained house with a heritage cachet has significantly higher market value. So, maintenance is phase one.

In an ideal world, the various owners of a heritage property over time would have taken care of it, making sure it was well maintained. If they didn’t do so, some elements will definitely show signs of old age and deterioration. However, before replacing them, we should consider phase two of our approach: repair.


The vast majority of the components of an old building can be repaired since they are made of materials that can be fixed.

For example, if part of the wall is damaged, the bricks can be restored. This will save you having to replace the entire wall. However, if the repairs are not done in time, you may have no choice but to go to phase three and replace damaged items.


Replacing masonry while retaining a building’s architectural heritage is always a risky business. It is always best to replace the damaged item with a matching item. The original item is part of a whole that gives a building its distinctive character. Putting something different in its place will actually destroy the harmony of the whole.

The Réno-Maître certification is awarded after a rigorous selection. Réno-Maître professionals have demonstrated that they have experience and ability in their field, that they have the financial and administrative resources to carry out their projects and that they fulfill their clients’ expectations.

Frequent customer satisfaction surveys are used to verify compliance with this certification. This certification also gives you access to a very advantageous renovation guarantee.

Planning on renovating your home in 2017? You could be eligible for the RÉNOVERT tax credit.