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There is always some apprehension when dealing with a renovation and even more so when it comes to masonry work. Having already had the house evaluated, I knew the problems, as well as their solutions. I had a good idea of prices. From my first phone call, I was impressed by the quality of the answer. The project manager who came to the house, Ian Pelletier, quickly found the problems and proposed realistic solutions. As for the job execution, everything was impeccable! The schedule was respected. The team demonstrated punctuality, courtesy, attentiveness, efficiency, cleanliness and expertise. One word sums it up: professionalism! It is nice to have a business relationship where both parties are satisfied.


M. Archambault


We want you to know how much we greatly appreciated the speed, professionalism and courtesy of your employees.

William M.



I am writing to you to express our appreciation of the quality of work performed by Maçonnerie Gratton. Indeed, first of all, Mr. Pascal Pinto did an absolutely impeccable job as your representative in charge of the client relationship with us. He was always available and very diligent. I also have only good things to say about the team that performed the work. Mikael, Francis, Jonathan and Benoit were all very professional, competent, hard working, as well as being very nice and courteous.

Mikael was very attentive to detail, has always took time to answer all my questions with patience and good humor, and he led this project perfectly. Francis also was perfect and I thank him for his little retouches.

Bravo to you all for your work and your methods.

Marie-Christine B.


Mr. Tommy Bouillon,

Mr. David Dufour,

Masonry work of a fairly large scale was done on our property in August and September 2015. We are writing to tell you how grateful we are to the masons at Maçonnerie Gratton who did the work with efficiency, professionalism and diligence and beautifully restored the three sides of our house.

First, we would like to acknowledge the courtesy, availability and rigor of Mr. Pascal Pinto. All our dealings with him in the past nearly one year have always been very pleasant and reassuring. We also wish to acknowledge the knowledge and courtesy of Marc-Andre Cholette, who supervised the field work. The masons he worked with always demonstrated enthusiasm, motivation and perseverance, even when it got uncomfortably hot outside. Their laughter and good humor made it easier to get through the hours of dust we had to live with in such hot weather.

We want you to know that we will always be pleased to recommend your company to our neighbours, relatives and friends. We would appreciate it if you would thank on our behalf Mr. Pascal Pinto and all the masons who worked on our house.

Next summer we hope to proceed with restoring the walls of our garage.

Most cordially,

Johanne B. et Normand B.


To Maçonnerie Gratton,

I want to thank you for your professionalism and kindness which were much appreciated. Congratulations to your team. I will not hesitate to recommend you.

Best regards,

Carole L.



Last week we had a team from your company at our home to renovate a part of a wall of the house.

Because it's important to do so, I really just want to emphasize not only the quality of the work (we were expecting that!), but also the cleanup job that was done afterwards. We and our neighbours have had several projects over the past 6 years and never has it been this clean after the workers departed.

Besides being courteous, your employees were also discreet and in no way intrusive.

So we congratulate you and thank you for your excellent service!

Monique D.


Dear Ms. Melançon and Mr. Pelletier,

The masonry work is completed and we are very satisfied with the work done by the workers (Robert and Jeremiah), in terms of the quality of work, but also in terms of their professionalism.

Please spread the word to their immediate supervisor.

Thank you,

Benjamin D.


I had contacted you because your company redid the entire back of the apartment of a friend and it's beautiful. I finally did get my work by another mason because you were 20% more expensive and I regret it ... the joints are uneven ... I guess that's what happens when it's cheaper.

In short, I will not be fooled next time. Thank you again for your quote.

Jean-Philippe D.



we would like to thank Mr. Pascal Pinto for his availability and high degree of professionalism!

Thanks to Jérémie and Robert, aka Bébé, for the quality of their work, their rigor and quality of communication!

Also, thank you ... because we must not forget the excellent work done by Arian on the plaster work at the base of the buildings. We are happy and we thank the team for the follow-up, also thank you to Dave.


Xavier-Pier C.


I am writing today to thank you for the quality of your service and the professionalism of your employees. I should mention that I met with several companies to do some work at my home. The other companies did not even compare to the service and professionalism that Mr. Pascal Pinto demonstrated to me. Mr. Pinto took the time to explain the situation regarding my house was and what work was needed instead of performing a complete renovation. He took his time and was very patient with me because he could see that this was the first time I was doing this kind of work. In Mr. Pinto you have a dedicated employee who does a fine job representing you to your customers.

In addition, I would also mention the great skill and professionalism of the team that spent more than six weeks at my home. Alex, Alex and (unfortunately I cannot remember the name of the third mason). They were respectful and polite and they worked well with other trades who were on the site at the same time. They planned their work well so the painters could have access to the scaffolds. They were unbelievably clean. They cleaned everything up, minimizing the inconvenience to my family and me. If ever I was not satisfied with a joint or another part of their work, the worked hard to correct it.

Finally, I would like to thank you for having made this difficult job as pleasant as possible.

Un client satisfait