A bulging represents the swelling of a brick or stone wall on the exterior wall face. The latter can be caused by several factors: excess moisture in the basement, deterioration of mortar and joints, temperature change, excess rust on anchors, cracks, etc. When you see that a wall of brick or stone has this kind of problem, it is better to act quickly because it could cause the fall of bricks or stones or the collapse of the wall.

How to repair a bulging wall

A visual inspection should be sufficient to identify any anomalies. You will need to observe the exterior walls of your property and look for swelling, especially in height. Also, if you find that your windows seem to be coming in and that the bricks are raised, you may have to deal with a bulging wall. If you detect anything abnormal, it would be wise to contact a mason so that he can give you his opinion on the condition of your coating and the repair to be performed, if necessary.


Over time, if the bulging wall is not repaired, snow, water or ice can accumulate and cause the mortar or brick to deteriorate. Fasteners could weaken and cause rocks or bricks to fall or the wall to collapse. Anyway, the damage will be less important if you act quickly.

The repair

There are several solutions depending on the severity of the problem. If the bulge is minor (2 inches or less), an injection of lime slurry inside the bulge as well as special screws may solidify the area to be repaired. Adding a metal plate could also add support to the coating.

On the other hand, if the bulge is large, it will be necessary to remake the brick or the stone everywhere around the problem area. Some advise even to redo the wall since the belly of beef could have weakened the whole wall. If in doubt, a professional can advise you and guide you in the choices available to you.

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